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Pet Dryer
Pet Dryer
Pet Dryer

Pet Dryer

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Pet Dryer is manufactured by Sundance Solariums in The Netherlands. With over 30 years of experience in the horse and pet industries, Sundance is the #1 brand of dryers and solariums in Europe.  Wilsun Custom Horse Blankets stocks all replacement parts and provides warranty and post warranty service in Alpharetta GA.

Pet Dryer incorporates a dual technology to dry pets up to 2x faster than standard methods using Infrared heat lamps and low-velocity blowers. Perfect for households with multiple pets, grooming, boarding and veterinary establishments- anywhere a quicker and more gentle drying method is needed. 

Pet Dryer is The quiet and comfortable solution.

Benefits of Pet Dryer:

  • Quiet low-velocity technology. Pet Dryer is easier on the ears of both the groomer and pets!
  • Pet Dryer eliminates the pet hair blown all
    Over the grooming area by high-velocity blowers.
  • Pet Dryer uses IR heat known to be soothing and therapeutic.Uses quiet low-velocity technology.
  • Our Twin Screw Clamp Mount makes connecting your Pet Dryer to a grooming table simple and easy and roller wheels make moving your Pet Dryer a snap. Slip Tube construction allows your Pet Dryer to adjust from 36 to 60 Inches off the floor